Module #4 Video #2 Bone Broth - Why and How to Make it or find substitutes!


There was a time when Grandma had chicken bones cooking in a stew pot – bone broth – always ready for a

family member who needed sustenance. Bone broth contains chondroitin sulfate and a bit of glucosamine which

work together to strengthen every body’s structure. Bones, cartilage, joints, even the gut lining – all require such

structural support. You will find people saying these days that you have only so many miles in your joints. I only

believe that is true IF you do not provide your body with the nutrients required to repair the joint’s structure.

Another nutrient that is found in bone broth and necessary to the body is hyaluronic acid. Think of the joint.

The liquid that surrounds the joint is called the hyaline! Hyaluronic acid is also the moisture within the collagen –

how the skin stays moist. Another place in the body it is critical is for the moisture in the eye.


Bone Broth is very easy to make. Living in California, however, the summers are not the time I prefer to make

bone broth as I will often leave the crock pot on all week!

Place in a crock pot:

 Organic Bones (see below for nutrient info on types)

 Water to within an inch of the top

 2Tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Cook on low. Begin to eat after 24-48 hours. I often leave chicken bones in for four days and chew

on the soft pieces with my broth!

Chicken bones contain Collagen II, Chondroitin Sulfate and hyaluronic acid;

Beef Bones Contain Collagen I and III


Honestly, this is my favorite way to get the nutrients

like chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid into my body

– BioCell Collagen. Paradise has a great brand that they

add MSM and a bit of Amla to their capsules. I take two

capsules, twice daily (and give our 13 year old, 35lb Corgi-

Shepherd 1 capsule opened up in his dish with added water

daily! This got him in two weeks from moving like an old

man to prancing like a puppy!)